Here are a number of testimonials from our wonderful customers.

Sharon Cox
I first began using these products in October 2021 when I got quite sick with some sort of respiratory illness, I have always been active but this floored me for several weeks and just getting to the bathroom was a challenge. I contacted Kirk as I couldn’t stand being like this and I was also experiencing hair loss with this illness. He recommended the key green and several other products and I can honestly say I soon began to pick up and my hair grew back.. Iv continued to use a variety of the products ever since, and Iv not had as much as a sniffle, also give the key kids to my 4 year old and she has not been ill once since she started school. Kirk is very helpful and informative and I know if I ever need any advice he will be there in an instant.. Thank you Kirk

Tracy Whitter Phillips
My Aunty first told me about Kirk in 2020, I’d been ill for 20 years with fibromyalgia and a functional neurological disorder where my body shuts down and goes
paralysed, it got to the point where I was unable to go out on my own and couldn’t really be left in the house by myself, I really felt as if my life was over as being so independent as I was and having my own business as a hairdresser but then I contacted Kirk and what a difference to my life he has made, I do have a life now and can’t thank him enough for his help and continued helped, I haven’t fully shut down in over 2 years and my body finally feels so much stronger. I would 100% recommend in working with Kirk any day, he is genuine, always puts you on the right track and just wants the best for your health xx

Gary Phillips
Hi I had cancer several years ago and been in remission for 7 to 8 years, but I was on different precipitations, i needed to come off them and started talking to Kirk Morgan i asked him would his supplements benefit me, Iv been taking what Kirk suggested and really got me away from prescription meds, I feel less tired, less stiff with my joints, my gut health is
improving, plus I take turmeric caplets which are beneficial for me, Kirk’s knowledge is priceless and I’m grateful for all his advice.

Gillian Collins
I stumbled across Kirk on FB during the pandemic. I was drawn to his health blogs as I was suffering with so many food intolerance and always had a painful/ bloated stomach, couldn’t eat so many foods as it would trigger the bloat rumble an pain. I been on numerous antibiotics for all sorts of things. I messaged him and had a few conversations on what to do and what to take. The products I was advise on was to help heal my gut. It wasn’t a quick fix, but after continuously taking the products I’m one hell of a lot better than I was. A work in progress. Stomach not so bloated, no more pain.Thanks for always taking the time to respond to messages an calls. Just about to place another order.

Thank you.

Mike O’Halloran
I contacted Kirk to help my Partner improve her health, immune system general well being in September 2022 as i could see a genuine decline in her that concerned me.
She was on a continuous cycle of antibiotics sickness, pain and tablets on a monthly basis.
Within a couple of weeks the improvements where obvious no more chest infections and obvious low immune system symptoms. Now she is completely different and on the way to good health.
Then my son who’s diet is typical of a 21 year old had a serious chest problem became VERY ill and was hospitalised with it so I’ve started him on it.
I’m 2 weeks into it myself now as i can see so much improvement in them and my youngest 11 is taking his Key Kids every day.
All i can say is Thank you Kirk for what you do for teaching us the way and long may the success continue for you.

Donna Patterson
My son became ill suddenly and is more or less bed bound. He suffered from many issues including severe constipation and severe insomnia. Kirk contacted me and told me to contact him as he could help him.
Since my son started Kirk’s treatments he has greatly improved. He no longer suffers with constipation and even though he still struggles with sleep it has greatly improved. After 5 years my son is improving and for this i have Kirk to thank.
He is always on hand if i need advice or input and he is the most nicest and most genuine guy who sincerely wants to help people.
Some of my neighbours also get products from Kirk and are very impressed with the results.
So from the bottom of my heart…thank you Kirk. You said you would change my sons life and you did.

Dwaine Neale
I cant emphasise enough how grateful I am that you take the time and effort to post these blogs its incredible the way you memorise all the key words and processes and relay them to us in a leighmans term. Phenomenal to say the least. Thanks you so much Kirk Morgan you are one in a million.

Susan Bateman
Kirk Morgan, I should really put the most important fact of all:: the vitamins you supplied for our 8 yr old Grandson have worked brilliantly too.

Thank you so much Kirk.

Carol Bacon
I am so pleased to have found Kirk and his Key Health supplements. I have used several of the
products over the past 2 years for a variety of health problems, I cannot praise them enough. Kirk is always extremely helpful and knows what he’s talking about. Here you will find an excellent and professional 100% all round service. I have no hesitation in recommending these products, all of which have full details included on all packaging, which is also fully recyclable. Slim and sturdy lightweight
containers, speedy delivery. No complaints here at all. It’s a win win.